WorldWideWeb Register scam by Guia Telefax Anuario Profesional

WorldWideWeb register scam letter

In August 2007, my employer got a letter from a Spanish company. At a glance it seems like they are asking you to update your information, i.e. they want you to believe that you are already their customer and your website is listed.

Also, the beginning of the fine-print info says that you will help them "keeping the World Wide Web Register on the Internet up to date". For those with no knowledge or only a little knowledge about such things it may sound like some kind of official register. And who wouldn't want to be listed there?

Just make sure your website address is correct, sign the document and return it to Spain. Later on you will be billed €877 per edition... for a useless(?) website listing on and on a CD-ROM. And there is more: You did not only sign up for ONE edition, but three. That makes €2631. There are better ways to waste money if that is your intention.

This is just another scam on the Internet. We have seen questionable ways of marketing before and Guia Telefax Anuario Profesional definately belongs to the group of companies who feed on fooling people.



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